Lancaster County Natural Gas Authority
P.O. Box 949 - 1010 Kershaw-Camden Highway
Lancaster, South Carolina 29721
(803) 285-2045

Indian Land Office - 9041 Northfield Drive
Fort Mill, South Carolina 29707
(803) 548-4777

Kershaw Office - 107 North Cleveland Street
Kershaw, South Carolina 29067
(803) 475-6795

Meter Application

Please complete the below application to apply for service.  Service Start Date: Service startups are scheduled in the order in which they are received. Service Start Date is not guaranteed to be scheduled for the same day as application is received, please allow three business days for your request for service to be processed.

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If you would like to use our Online Account Management and Payment System, please create a password and password hint now. For security purposes, passwords must be a combination of letters and numbers.
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A deposit is required once your account is officially created in our system, you will receive an email with the total amount due on your new account, including all applicable fees.

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I certify that all of the above information is complete and accurate. I further understand that providing false information may result in denial or termination of natural gas service. I hereby give my permission to examine my past payment history if deemed necessary by Lancaster County Natural Gas Authority. I have read, understand, and agree to comply with the above regulations of Lancaster County Natural Gas Authority as written below.

Your natural gas is rendered to you on a credit basis, which means you are charged the month following your use.  Meter readings are typically done mid-month or end of month.  You have fifteen days from the bill date in which to pay.  If not paid after fifteen days, a ten percent (10%) penalty will be added.  Please note that Lancaster Co. Natural Gas Authority is NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR MAIL DELIVERY; therefore if you do not receive your bill, you should contact our office, as late charges will be effective after the due date.  Payments must be received in the office, night depository, or postmarked by the due date in order to avoid late charges.

>Bills that are not paid in full by the cut-off date will result in termination of service.  This date is 25 days from original bill date.  Restoration of service will occur when the account is paid in full during normal business hours and a re-connection fee is charged.  After hours an additional re-connection fee will be charged.

The staff members of Lancaster County Natural Gas Authority are the only personnel authorized to service our METERS.  Allowing anyone to unlock or otherwise tamper with our meters will result in criminal charges against the person whose name the account appears.  Lancaster County Natural Gas Authority also reserves the right to refuse any future service to persons guilty of such activity.

contact our office immediately at (803) 285-2045.  When a leak may be present, you should open your window for ventilation and refrain from using electrical appliances, turning light switches on or off, or open flame.  For an especially strong odor, you should leave the building immediately.

When a customer leaves a place of service, it is the customer's responsibility to notify the Authority.  Until we are notified to terminate service, the customer will remain responsible for all gas at the address.  Deposits are refunded after the final bill is paid in full.

I understand that checking this box and typing my name in the field provided below is my electronic signature.

Pilot lights are lit as a courtesy at the initial start of service if accessible, fees will apply thereafter.

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